• Fee scale per course (Academy) 
  • Semester fees for elementary 
  • Semester fees for middle school 
  • Semester fees for High School 
  • Registration Fees 
  • Reenrollment Fees 
  • Full time option teacher directed – aligned to EST  
  • Full time option self-directed with teacher office hours 

Financial Aid

Raise ________ to cover scholarship fund (high academics, financial need, new Muslims) 

Policy & Refund

At digiTIES, we are dedicated to providing students with a rigorous Islamically sound education. In order to ensure the smooth progression of coursework, matriculation, and maintenance of transcripts, our policies and refunds clearly define the respective responsibilities of digiTIES, our students, and their families (needs to be written out).  

digiTIES partners with you to provide educational services and support to each of our students. Tuition and fees provide enrollment in our online private school, access to credentialed teachers, course materials, personalized LMS, course specific diagnostic assessments, student support services, virtual office hours, administrative services, technical support services, and maintenance of student academic records.


Families who wish to withdraw from digiTIES may request to withdraw using our Withdrawal Form. If a withdrawal request is submitted withing 30 calendar days from the enrollment start date, digiTIES will retain 20% of the total tuition and fees. If a withdrawal request is submitted 31 calendar days or more after the enrollment start date, no refund/credit will be made available, and any balance owed remains due immediately.  

A ‘W’ (for withdraw) will be listed on the final grade on the student’s academic record.  

Changes to Levels or Course Curriculum

Students may make changes to their courses after their enrollments have started as long as it falls within the add/drop period. After that period, any change requests require teacher recommendation and approval of the digiTIES administration.