Enrollment Process

Step 1

Online Application
Submit an enrollment application along with your child’s official records and submit them.

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Step 2

Application Review
We will review your child’s transcripts and records from his/her previous school.

Step 3

Enrollment Specialist
Our enrollment specialist will reach out to speak with you to understand your child’s needs and review information about our programs and courses.

Step 4

Financial Agreement
When your registration fee, tuition payment, and signed enrollment agreement have been received, we’ll finalize your child’s schedule & assign your child’s teachers.

Step 5

You and your child will receive orientation materials introducing you to how to log in and access your digital classes, how to connect to your child’s teachers, and how to reach out for help if you need it.

Step 6

Entrance Assessments
Your child will have entrance assessments in English, Math, Science, Arabic, and Qur’an.

Tuition at digiTIES

Ready to invest in your child's future?


Registration Fee: $100

Technology & Curriculum Fee: $150

*Note: fees are in addition to tuition

We offer a variety of payment plan options to meet families’ needs: 

Tuition 2023-2024:

Payment Plan 1:  $3,500 paid over ten monthly installments of $350

Payment Plan 2: $3,150 paid over 3 installments of $1050

Payment Plan 3: $2,800 paid in full by August 15th.


Enrollment FAQs

What grades does digiTIES offer?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, digiTIES offers grades 1-11. Students must be at least 6 years old on or before September 1st to enroll at digiTIES. 

Are there registration deadlines?

Yes. We accept elementary, middle, and high school students on a semester by semester basis. To enroll, registration applications and supporting documentation must be received no later than three weeks prior to the start of the semester. 

What programs can I apply to at digiTIES?

digiTIES offers the following programs for the 2023-2024 school year: 

Does digiTIES offer single courses?

Yes. Students may enroll in a variety of single courses to supplement their current schooling.

Do I need to send official transcripts to digiTIES?

Does digiTIES accept international students?

Yes. International students can apply to digiTIES. Our approach allows us to accommodate students anywhere so they can receive an Islamically sound education. Families should check their local school district transfer requirements. digiTIES is pursuing accreditation, however, we are not currently accredited. 

When should I withdraw my child from his/her current school?

We do not recommend withdrawing your child from his/her current school until you have completed the digiTIES enrollment process and have signed the tuition agreement. Students are required to be in an educational setting during the entire academic year, so withdrawing your child prior to completing their enrollment at digiTIES may may result in a truant status in your local school district.

Does digiTIES offer physical location services?

digiTIES is an online program. We do not offer a brick and mortar location. 

What is the digiTIES Enrollment Agreement?

The enrollment agreement is intended as a partnership agreement between us and our families. We believe it is critical for families to take an active role in supporting their student’s academic journey. The enrollment agreement outlines the policies governing this partnership.

How can I connect with the digiTIES admissions team?

We’d love to chat with you. Fill out our Contact Us form and one of our enrollment specialists will be in touch. 

Policy & Refund

At digiTIES, we are dedicated to providing students with a rigorous Islamically sound education. In order to ensure the smooth progression of coursework, matriculation, and maintenance of transcripts, our policies and refunds clearly define the respective responsibilities of digiTIES, our students, and their families. digiTIES partners with you to provide educational services and support to each of our students. Tuition and fees provide enrollment in our online private school, access to teachers, course materials, LMS, course specific diagnostic assessments, student support services, virtual office hours, administrative services, technical support services, and maintenance of student academic records.

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