Technology Checklist

Learning Technology Requirements

The learning technology requirements for a successful, collaborative experience at digiTIES:

  1. Laptop or desktop computers with minimum 4GB of RAM, and dual core processor, running Windows or Mac OS. 
  2. Up-to-date versions of Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers are supported.
  3. High-speed internet connection (Cable, DSL).
  4. Cellular Wi-Fi hotspots may be subject to speed and reliability issues and could result in unsatisfactory performance.
  5. Speakers and a microphone, or a headset with microphone are required.
  6. A printer and scanner are required.
  7. Webcam or camera-enabled smartphone is required.

Note: Chromebooks, Tablets, and iPads are NOT SUPPORTED. Helpdesk will not be able to assist anyone with issues using unsupported devices.

digiTIES Helpdesk

digiTIES knowledgeable technical support team (Helpdesk) is ready to assist students and families with technology-related questions and concerns as they work through their courses. digiTIES is constantly looking for ways to incorporate the latest technology available to enhance our students’ learning experience.

Our helpdesk team provides technical support for students and parents via toll-free phone service and email. They are available by phone during regular business hours (9am to 2pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday). After hours and on weekends, families may leave a message and a technical support representative will respond to you the next business day.